$1bn Sales

Our mission (which we would love for you to be part of) is to generate $1 billion in additional sales by businesses from using PPCPredict.

Here's how it all started

In 2012, I set up a small marketing agency providing Google Ads (Adwords, if you are old school) management for other agencies. It’s what we now call white-label.

That tiny little home-office business grew into a 30 person agency with hundreds of clients all over the world.

Something was missing …
Inside this agency, you could see that factors that affected one client account would often affect other clients in the same niche, hundreds of miles away across the country.

You would see similarities in dozens of accounts.

But there was no way to do the analysis
None of the PPC software tools could help – and we tried them all. Most of them couldn’t even figure out what we were trying to achieve, let alone help.

For 6 years we couldn’t solve this
Over the New Year holiday at the start of 2020, while messing about in downtime between family gatherings I found a little database tool that allowed me to hack together a proof of concept.

I tested it on an account – and it worked! I could analyze Google Ads accounts in aggregate and the insights blew my mind.
For example, I discovered that in 226 dental accounts that collectively spent $1.5 million in 2019 had received a total of 315,000 clicks on 103,000 search terms. But here’s the kicker… only 9,000 of those search terms ever generated an inquiry.

And I knew WHICH 9,000

I had the breakthrough I needed.

After a couple more months of hacking, my prototype was good enough to share with my team and test on a real account.
Again – it worked. We applied some test data to a chiropractic account and conversions increased 24% in the first 3 weeks.
Time to Scale

With new confidence, I hired a development team to get to work. After 3 months, we’d only proven that to do this at scale was really difficult and the maths were way above me (I’m an accountant – I’m good with numbers but this was way too difficult).

Enter the Professor
Knowing that we had something, I had to push forward.  So I hired a recruiter to find me a mathematician that understood marketing.  
Obviously, this should be easy – they grow on trees right?
But, much to my surprise – our recruiter found someone. We found a Mathematician that also had worked with Google Ads for 10 years.
Now, with all the pieces in place, we could finally get to work.
Patently Obvious
Several months later and hundreds of account tests later and we have a solution that is proven to deliver results to business owners like you.
On average, by using our creation – you’ll see a 31% increase in your inquiries without a single $ in additional ad spend.
And we’re getting better by the day.
Moving on
My primary motivation is to generate a provable $1 billion in sales for the businesses that we support.

To do this, I’ve had to leave the agency I founded and start over with a brand new business.

It’s exciting. I’m excited.

And I hope you are too.

To $1 billion and beyond!
Rob Warner

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