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Our Patent Pending Process

We aggregate anonymous data across whole markets so that you can discover and deploy an entire industry of data.

  • 1
    Match your keywords to our database of 191,505,526 anonymized search terms
  • 2
    Identity search terms that have never converted
  • 3
    Remove search terms blocked by existing negative keywords
  • 4
    Statistically model the remaining at risk non converting search terms.
  • 5
    Convert to ngrams & upload verified negatives to Google Ads.


How It Works

Create Account

Create your account to PPC Predict. Simply enter you email and hit on the “Create Account” button.

Connect Google Ads

Securely connecting PPC Predict to your Google Ads account or Manager Account takes 2 minutes. Simply, click to connect, log in and approve.

Run an Impact Estimate

With one simple click PPC Predict will analyze every active search keyword, and find all the matching search-terms in our database of over 191MM search-terms.  We’ve seen single keywords match over 30,000 search-terms.

PPC Predict then identifies and reports all the non-converting search terms that you aren’t blocking with negatives.

Upload Your Negative List

Now you’ve got a list of unique negative keyword recommendations and in just 15 seconds you can upload directly into your Account, and apply to all relevant campaigns.  Hundreds or thousands of non-converting search-terms are now blocked!

Repeat Weekly

Every week we update our database with new search-terms, new conversion data and new recommendations.  Login, upload the changes to your negative keyword list and you’re done. It all takes less than 2 minutes per account.


$1bn Sales

Our mission (which we would love for you to be part if) is to generate $1 billion in additional sales by businesses from using PPCPredict.


More PPC Predict Results

Limo Service Mexico

Conv. Rate 81% 45 Days

HVAC Colorado

Conversions 66% 45 Days

Auto Transport CA

Conversions 345% 4 Months

Home Inspection Maryland

Conversions 300% In 40 Days

Roofer California

CPA 67% In 28 Days

HVAC Idaho

CPA 73% In 28 Days

Auto Parts New Zealand

Conversions 91% In 70 Days

Dentist New Zealand

Conv. Rate 36% In 60 Days

Landscaping Virginia

CPA 53% 30 Days

Eye Clinic Oregon

CPA 57% In 14 Days

Towing Georgia

Conv. Rate 52% 30 Days

Water Restoration Texas

CPA 32% In 14 Days


What Our Clients Say


Frequently Asked Questions

PPC Predict uses big data to find thousands of matching search-terms to the keywords in your Google Ads campaigns, and makes recommendations of which to block based on their historic performance across our entire database.

Currently we support Google Ads only.  If you would like support for another platform, please ask using the Live chat in the bottom right of your screen.

We offer full support for Search campaigns and partial support for Performance Max (PMax).

Yes, you can connect Google Ads Manager Accounts (MCC) or multiple single accounts.  It's up to you.

We have an internal reporting tool (or you can use your own) which compares performance before and after PPC Predict implementation.  It’s easy to see when PPC Predict reduces Cost Per Conversion.

Yes of course, you have total control of which keywords are uploaded to which campaigns

After your first negative keyword list upload there can be a learning period while Google adapts to the fact that it is no longer able to send low quality non-converting traffic.  During this time, which typically lasts around 2-4 works performance can be unstable but by day 30 there is a significant performance improvement in the account.

PPC Predict is used by digital marketing agencies, Google Ads specialists, Google Ads trainers/coaches, freelancers, and in-house marketing teams of all sizes.

We only charge on success, and when the outcome is proven, we share the benefit with you.  Hit our live chat for more detail.

It’s in process.